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How to host a safer party during the COVID-19 pandemic

a group of people on a boat in the water

What could go wrong with hosting a party during this pandemic season we are living in? Are you afraid of inviting too many people and making long-term plans, thinking the plans may change along the way? Well, what if it didn’t? It would be a waste if you can’t grab that date and that beautiful yacht for your planned party anymore because someone else had already taken it before you. About the same time you checked on it, only they decided to book it in advance.

While there may be occurrences that may cause you to change plans, or worse, cancel your plans, there’s plenty of reasons why it’s still reasonable to celebrate some especial dates coming up and booking in advance.

So, what is the best way to host a safer party during the pandemic?

Even though it sounds a little bit contradictory, the answer is ….  PLAN in advance. Booking and planning a party in advance during the pandemic can be a smart move.

So, how to host a safer party during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s 5 reasons for planning your party in advance during this pandemic:

Plenty of choices.

There’s often a good chance that you’ll get the best choice that you want among many other choices if you book way ahead of time. When planning a boat party, you can find a lot of beautiful boats and yachts that you’d find it hard which one to choose. It’s even harder to choose when your only choices are the last two least chosen ones.

More time to research.

Planning your boat party can add more excitement even before the day arrives. Researching different boats and yachts, the different destinations, the food, and other activities can build up the anticipation. At the same time that you keep looking forward to it. If you have more time to do research, you’ll also be able to look into the itinerary details more attentively which will help your ride to go smoothly.

Save up as much as you can.

Once the date has been set, you’ll set your mind to be more disciplined when spending your money. You don’t wanna miss the great food choices and beautiful destinations which may cost extra. If you book in advance, you’re also giving yourself the chance to get the best prices while there’s still plenty of choices available. Last-minute bookings are usually left with the expensive choices, or worse- none.

Modify or change your plans.

If you booked 100 days ahead, that’s a long time to wait, and you may come up with new ideas that you’d like to add or remove from your original plan. Whatever it is, you won’t have to worry too much if you already have your reservation. Just be reasonable and try your best to make everything final at least a week before your reserved date. As to not make things difficult for yourself, as well as the company you’re renting your boat from.

Stay committed to your vacation plans.

How many times have you planned to go on a party, or a dream vacation that will define your whole year, only for it to remain a dream until it fades? Once you’ve scheduled your boat party and paid half of it upfront, whatever life throws at you, you know there’s no turning back. You don’t know when you’ll be able to get these chances again. The best deals, best yacht, best destinations- best vacation. Just the fact that you’ve booked it early is enough proof that you’ve wanted this more than anything else.

If you plan to throw a boat party, you can’t rely on luck. There may be plenty of beautiful yachts for rent, but you’re not the only one who’s aware of that. Book it early so you won’t stress yourself as you plan the best boat party ever!

In addition, always check the cancellation policies of the company your are booking with. Some companies are more flexible than usual at the moment.

READ the small letters. If the company you are booking with do not give you any cancellation break, maybe you need to look around a little longer. Therefore, BOOK IN ADVANCE. That way you will have plenty of time to do your research.

In conclusion, why not give it a try?!