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Best Boat Rental in Miami – What is the difference between Party Boat and Yacht Rental?

a small boat in a body of water

Best Boat Rental in Miami – What works best for your group?

Best Boat Rental in Miami | If you are planning a personal event like a birthday party or your best friend’s bachelorette AND you want it to be unforgettable …. you may wish to have a BOAT PARTY, right?! Not only will it provide a unique way to celebrate your special event, but chances are, you will create amazing memories for everyone.

So, should you rent a party boat or a yacht for your next special event? The answer is: It depends on what kind of partying you’re planning to have. It depends on whether you want to do something wonderfully low-key or if you are looking for something a little more sophisticated.

When looking for a boat rental there are a few main options for you to choose from, but Party Boats and Yachts are the most popular choices when renting a boat. Don’t get me wrong, you can party on both, but when looking for a boat rental  there are actually some differences that can help you identify which type of boat you may want to be using for your planned event.




The Party Boat rental works best for larger groups. Let’s say you have a group of 13 or more people, this would be your ideal option. As per coast guard rules and regulations, private yacht charters are only allowed to take up to 12 people. We are not talking about mega yachts with special licenses to carry more than 12 people. Those are a different category of boat rentals (see article “Mega party, Mega yachts). We are talking about your personal event, which for the most part will cost less than it would if you were renting a space at a hotel or a country club, for instance.

SO, let’s stick to party boats and yachts for the moment.

If you are looking to celebrate a birthday or have a big bachelorette group party, party boats are ideal. They are simple, fun, and the most affordable for bigger groups.



Best Boat Rental - Yacht charter

Then there is the more traditional yacht rental. This aren’t much different then the party boats, but if you ask me it is a bit more sophisticated. If you ever thought of yourself cruising around with a glass of champagne in your hand, you probably saw yourself on one of those. There is a “I feel rich” feeling that comes with it. There are options from older boats to nicer fancy looking boats. I’m suspicious, as I love and think older boats are super romantic. But if you like that feeling of Mega yacht, go for it.

So, which one is right for you?


Party Boat vs Yacht Rental. What is the difference?

So before you get into planning mode, first: Consider those 3 main points that will help you decide:

  • Number of people
  • Price
  • Type of event

Party boats can fit more than 13 people people and for the most part, the more people the cheaper. This is a home run for all of our bachelor and bachelorette parties. Party Boats are a big hit for birthdays too. Why? It must be because of all of the water toys that come with them, the space and the freedom you have to move around. There is little room to hide, as everyone is on the same floor.

Yachts are for no more than 12 people, with some exceptions 13. They are more sophisticated and can be more expensive. The cruising is different too. Yachts have different motors, so they can be a little bit faster if you like speed.

In general, it is up to you and your crew. If you don’t mind a simple boat and are ready for a fun day on the water take the party boat. For those of you more on the cool side who want to experience the cruising and the wind on your face and fell rich… take the yacht. For groups of less than 12 people, you have both options. But if you have more than 13, the party boat is the one.


Lastly, and most importantly ...


Party Boat
Best Boat Rental – Party Boat

Chat with your group to see what people are comfortable spending and that will help you narrow down the options. Also, talk to an expert about the options. Understanding those differences before making a decision can be very helpful. Find below two great options of boat experiences for you and your group… and start imagining what a great day on the water you will have!