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4 Fun and Awesome Bachelorette Party Games

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Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette party games gives the bride-to-be a night to act like a 12-year old with her friends, except liquor is involved. After all, it’s a farewell party to her maidenhood and a welcoming party for a new path that she’ll be taking.

Here are 4 simple yet fun games you can play to have an unforgettable Bachelorette Party.

  1. Drink If…

Wouldn’t it be great to kick-start the night with a game that involves getting tipsy? Draw the cards and just drink whenever you fit the description!

  1. Bachelorette Night Dare

Yes, this card game exists and is a perfect idea to do after the “Drink If…” game when you’re all tipsy and ready to go crazy. Be ready for challenging dares that are just enough for a great laugh.

  1. Prosecco Pong

Just like Beer Pong, but more classy and ladylike, Prosecco Pong is a great game that will keep you all hyped as you cheer for your teammates and ridicule your opponents.

  1. Kisses for the Future Mrs.

Now, it’s time to see who’s got the sexiest lips. Just have each girl put on her lipstick and leave a kiss mark on a lipstick kiss frame. It makes a sweet gift for the bride-to-be as a remembrance of that crazy night before her wedding day.

And what’s another way to celebrate your Bachelorette Party in style? A classy boat in the middle of the ocean! It’s the bride-to-be’s big night before her big day and there’s nothing more memorable and special than a boat party!

Cruz ‘N Booz offers a variety of fleets that will give you an awesome bachelorette party experience. Enjoy your games, share secrets, laugh out loud, dance to the music, and just go crazy all you want! Nothing could satisfy your young heart better than a night on a yacht before taking a new path in your life.