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FLIBS | Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show & Things to Know Before you Go.

FLIBS | Navigating the Boat Show

FLIBS | Navigating the Boat Show: Is It for Everyone and what do you need to know before you go?

Boat shows typically attract a diverse range of enthusiasts, professionals, and curious onlookers. They are like big, exciting parties for anyone who loves boats or is even just a bit curious about them. If this is you, get ready, the next one is just around the corner. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) got everything you can think of when it comes to boating,  from sleek superyachts to nautical novelties, FLIBS promises an awe-inspiring display of the finest vessels and marine products.

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), hosted by the MIASF and organized by Informa Markets, is the world’s largest in-water boat exhibition. Spanning 90 acres and three million sq. ft. of exhibit space in sunny South Florida, FLIBS features 1,300+ boats, drawing 100,000+ attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors from 52 countries in 2022. From superyachts to accessories, FLIBS showcases the best of the maritime industry.

Boat Enthusiasts: The Heart of the Show

This event is for everyone! It is for the treasure hunters looking for their perfect boat, whether they’re just starting out or they’ve sailed a thousand seas. It is for people not just looking for a boat, but they’re looking for their next great adventure. They’re for anyone who’s fascinated by the sea’s history, its adventures, and how all those amazing machines work. It’s a chance to dive into the world of ships, exploration, and the incredible mechanics behind sailing.

Boat shows are like big stages where the brightest minds in the boat world gather. You’ve got the makers, sellers, designers, and experts – all masters of their craft. Together, they show off the coolest new stuff and ideas that will shape the future of boating.

A Love for All Things Nautical

If you already own a boat, a boat show is like a super cool playground. You’re there to see what’s new, maybe find some cool gadgets, and soak up the awesome atmosphere. The displays of new boat tech give you a sneak peek into the future of boating.

The best part? Boat shows are open to everyone. Even if you’re not a pro sailor or a boat buff, you can still have a great time. You can soak up the awesome sea vibes, discover new things, and maybe even get inspired for your own water adventure someday.

In a nutshell, boat shows are like big, exciting gatherings for anyone who’s into boats, the sea, or just having a good time. They’re made for all kinds of people, from sea-loving experts to those who are just a little curious. So whether you’re a pro sailor, dreaming of owning your own boat, or just curious about the sea, a boat show is an awesome adventure waiting for you!


Before heading to a boat show, it’s essential to gather the following information to make the most of your experience:

  1. Event Details: Confirm the date, time, and location of the boat show. Make note of any specific instructions or requirements for entry.
  2. Ticketing: Check if you need to purchase tickets in advance or if they can be bought at the venue. Look for any discounted rates or special packages that may be available.
  3. Exhibitors and Brands: Research the list of exhibitors and boat brands that will be present. This will help you prioritize which booths or displays you want to visit.
  4. Boat Types: Determine what types of boats will be showcased. This could include sailboats, powerboats, yachts, catamarans, etc. Know which types interest you the most.
  5. Seminar Schedule: Many boat shows offer seminars, workshops, or presentations on various topics related to boating. Check the schedule and plan which sessions you’d like to attend.
  6. Interactive Demos: Find out if there will be any interactive demonstrations or activities, such as on-water trials, that you can participate in.
  7. Special Events: Be aware of any special events, awards ceremonies, or featured activities that may be happening during the boat show.
  8. Map or Floor Plan: Obtain a map or floor plan of the event venue. Familiarize yourself with the layout to navigate the show efficiently.
  9. Parking and Transportation: Know the parking options available, including any fees, and consider alternative transportation methods if needed.
  10. Food and Amenities: Check if there will be food vendors or dining options available on-site. Additionally, look for restroom facilities and any other amenities provided.
  11. Dress Code and Comfort: Consider the weather and dress accordingly. Comfortable footwear is especially important, as you may be walking or standing for an extended period.
  12. Budget and Financing: Determine your budget for potential purchases or investments. Some boat shows may offer financing options or special deals.
  13. Contact Information: Carry your contact information, including phone number and email address, in case you need to share it with exhibitors or sign up for newsletters.
  14. Notepad and Pen: Bring a notepad and pen to jot down notes, contact information, or any specific details about boats or products that catch your eye.
  15. Camera or Smartphone: Consider bringing a camera or smartphone to take photos of boats you’re interested in, as well as any relevant information displayed at booths.

By gathering this information beforehand, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the boat show and make the most of your experience. Come discover the latest trends, innovations, and indulge in the world of boating. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or just looking for a taste of maritime magic, FLIBS has something for everyone.

Join us next week in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the sea breeze meets the sound of laughter and the sight of breathtaking boats. With over 1,300 boats on display and exhibitors from 52 countries, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Mark your calendars and prepare to partake in this extraordinary celebration of maritime ingenuity. We look forward to welcoming you.

📅 Dates: from October 25th to 29th

📍 Location: Bahia Mar Yachting Center – 801 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

For detailed information and ticket acquisition, please visit FLIBS.